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Shiloh Jackson

The Adventures of Shiloh

Shiloh Jackson

New home and some big (maybe) exciting news!

June 21st, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello everyone!!!! Some major changes going on here!!!

Mommy, Daddy, and I moved into our own apartment! I do miss my Auntie/Mommy as well as Emilee, Lilo, and Stitch! The new place is nice. Though I do not have my balcony to sit on anymore there is a patio. Mommy is looking for a way to make a fence or something for me to be able to sit outside on my own when I want too.  I do like the new place. It is just a little lonely when no one is home. I do miss having Emilee has company. She and I spent some quality time together before the move. Before the move I got to meet my moms parents. They were awesome they brought me some toys that were used once before my my moms dog she had when she was growing up. I was very honored that they gave them to me. Mommy also got me a new and fluffy bed. After the move while daddy was at drill mommy took me to a event called Fido fest! And guess what it just so happened to be on my birthday! There were so many dogs and people it was awesome. I spent some time with my best friend Riley and got to cool down in a pool. I’m hoping mommy will buy me one sometime soon!! Went to moms job today to get a heartworm test to make sure I was good and clear. Which I was so mommy was able to get my prevention for me. I also got to go to the food store and get some new food. Riley also came over today while my mommy and his mommy got to catch up!

Me and Emilee spending time together!

I miss her!

Just hanging around!!

I cuddled up next to mommy after she had a rough few days at work!

I like my new bed!

Daddy tucked me in!!

Getting used to the new place! I need to make a new spot now.

Fido fest fun!!!

My bet friend Riley!!!!

Mommy got me a birthday cookie from the barkery!! (Not a miss spelling I promise!)

Riley came over today!


My new little brother!!!!

Mommy and daddy have been talking and decided to get me a new baby brother!!! This little boy his current name is Tuck mama says. Though they plan on giving him a different name. He came into mama’s job. He was hit by a car just like me. ( I think mama has a thing about helping those who are hurt like me.) At the current moment he will be staying there for a few weeks as he has a broken pelvis and a small fracture to his radius as well. I did get to meet him today. I was very shy, mostly because I thought mama was going to make me go into a cage which I don’t really like. But he is a cutie! I can’t wait to have him join our family!!

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Mama has a new Job and there are some tiny furballs running around.

April 30th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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So  my mom has started a new job. She has been very busy lately and hasn’t been able to get on the computer to type for me. Mommy left her job at the place with the super tall dogs with hoofs and now works at a place where she comes home smelling like different cats and dogs all the time. I’m not to sure if I really enjoy the fact that she’s around other dogs so much. But everyday she comes home and loves me and lets me cuddle next to her on the couch and also sleep in bed (if dad isn’t there). She brought me into work twice! Just to spend some of the day there and get used to such a place (at least that’s what she kept telling me). She also got me weighed and looked at by a very nice lady she called Dr.P. Daddy picked me up the one day and took me to get a bath. I enjoyed spending time there and getting to run around a bit. I made a friend (kinda) with a border collie named Harley Quinn her owner is mommy’s friend Bobbie who I remember from mommy’s old job. She was very shy pup but kind.

There has been some nasty weather and not enough nice days for me to go play outside. On one of the nice days we went to a dog park. It was my first time ever. There were so many smells! I got to run around with some of the dogs but I was still unsure about being around them. But mommy tells me it will be nice soon and that soon enough I will be able to sit outside all day. She took me out on a walk today it was so nice out I was so excited! It was a bit longer then I thought it was going to be. She showed me where she and daddy and I are going to be living soon. My auntie/mommy is moving to her own place soon with Emilee. I am going to miss her. I wonder if mommy and daddy will bring me home a friend soon.

Mommy did bring these strange little mini Emilee’s. The are Auntie’s babies though. She calls them Lilo and Stitch.  I’m not really sure what to make of them. They are playful but so small. I try and stay still around them. Well that’s all I have for this update. It is short but I’m sure with summer coming and changes coming there will be more.


Little stitch!

They sleep on my mommy which kinda makes me a little jealous!

I went to easter with Mommy and Daddy. I was very good and didn’t beg anyone else for food.

Mommy made a jar for some of my training treats!

I told you this is my spot!

This is that mini furball Lilo!

Mommy took me to work to be in her photo at her new job!

This is a close as we get though she does rub my face every now and again.

This is my spot!

Cuddle time!

Emilee is starting to like me now!

Mommy and I cuddling!

We had a staring contest.

Mommy came home from work!

This is miss Harley Quinn!


Hope everyone enjoy the photos!! Until next time and hopefully an adventure! Or when we move to our new place!!


Playtime in the snow, and playtime with my best friend!

January 25th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

So where do I begin. Well firstly I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Shiloh had a wonderful Christmas and received lots of toys from both my sister and I as well as my boyfriend and both of our parents (they love their grand-furbaby so far).

His innocent face when I looked over the bed to see him chewing away at he ball. He broke it within 10 minutes of having it


He has been doing so great this past month with his listening skills. Though he is still a baby and still learning. recently it has finally snowed a bit down here. He enjoyed that so much. He ran around like crazy. He loved every minute outside!

Before the snow had hit he also got to come and hang out with me at work one day when it wasn’t busy. He got to walk around the barn with me as I went about feeding and treating the patients.

So happy to be with Mommy at work!

He must have been so exhausted from such a busy day that when we got home he ate his dinner and climbed back onto the couch with me and fell asleep in my lap.

While we had some freezing temperatures as of late he found time to sleep in the sun with our cat Emilee. They are getting along much better. Just today she was rubbing on his face and she let him lick her. I just wished I had been able to catch it on video.

And just yesterday we got to have a play date with his best friend Riley. They enjoyed their time together and got to play around inside (to cold to take them outside to run around).  After his play date he was exhausted.

Well that’s all I have for an update (granted the majority of this post was pictures). I love my little furbaby and will hopefully post again soon!

In the meantime here are some more photos!

I bought him a blanket for the winter while outside, can’t help but to put him in plaid!

Always wants to cuddle!!

That tongue!!

He wanted on the couch when we said no.

Staring while we eat and hoping that we drop something.

Finally managed to jump into my bed!

Always loves to cuddle, he is too cute and I don’t know what I would do without him!!!




Recent adventures and it’s almost Christmas!!

December 21st, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Since my last post on my adorable tripawd has had a few adventures recently. On one of my days off I took Shiloh out to visit my sister at work and see some people that saw him during his injury. Soon after we went over to my friends apartment. My friend had adopted a silky coated retriever named Riley about 2 years ago now. Her complex has a fenced in dog park which would give Shiloh the ability to run around without being on a leash (since he was still in the learning stages of listening to me.) Riley and Shiloh hit it off and had a wonderful time during their play-date.

Excuse the messy car in the picture. I keep everything I need for work in my car.

After the play-date we started to work on his listening skills to our commands. Over the past month he has gotten better and better at it. There were a few bumps in the road. We invested in a Halti gentle leading muzzle for him. He would refuse to go inside our building after going to the bathroom and would get out of his original harness. I know it has been a transition for him to go from a huge property outside to an apartment. Over the past month of using it he has begun to listen to us completely. Even allowing us to take it off and revert back to using his harness and he has been such a good boy without it (up to this current moment as I write this). Recently my sister and I bought the Ezydog Convert Harness. It works wonderfully on him, however with his thin and silky coat it does slip quite a bit. Looking into what I may or may not be able to sew into it to get the shifting to stop. Other then the shifting it is a wonderful harness and I love how it looks on him.

With the new harness we also brought him a 50 foot leash so he can run around outside at our complex but…..

He loves to smell everything and anything but I know in time he will figure out what fetch means.

He has learned so much living with us and I am exteremely proud of his accomplishments so far with learning to obey us. He loves to sit with us on the couch and cuddle up against us. So happy he is in our lives. Will update again soon when we have another adventure. In the meantime here are some adorable pictures of my furbaby.

Finally getting along with our cat Emilee, though all he wants to do is play with her she isn’t to thrilled with that idea as of yet.

He loves to cuddle after I get home at work. (Don’t mind my tired face and horrible hair I had just got home after a 12 hr shift.)

He also loves to just cuddle whenever we are sitting on the couch.

Shiloh wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



My First Post: The Story of Shiloh

December 2nd, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

This is my very first blog so bare with me. I’ve always loved animals. I became a veterinary technician for that very reason. I live in Lexington Kentucky but I am original from New York. And if any of you have ever been to Lexington or are from around here you know that it is a little city surrounded by thousands of horse farms. I work at an Equine hospital which has always been my dream. There is a little history about me. Here is the story about Shiloh….

Back in the beginning of June my sister was on the way to work (She works with me in the office) while I was on my day off. She texted me and told me she came across what looked like an accident in the road. She found out that people had stopped as there was a young dog on the side of the road. She said that among the people was a client of ours and that it looked that he was hit by a car. They decided to put the dog into their car and drive it over to the clinic. The dog was just about one years old. He is a white Shepard and Lab mix. The interns at the clinic took x-rays of his left front limb. He had a fracture to both his radius and his ulna. They then put a splint on his limb, gave some medication for the pain, and ran some fluids to reverse the shock he was going through. The then began reaching out on social media, the police and local shelters in case his owner was looking for him. A day later his owner was found and we learned that his name was Shiloh.

The owner came to see him and to talk to the veterinarians about what the best course of action would be. Now I know that I had said that I work at an equine hospital. My boss had done mixed practice in the past and we also have two other veterinarians that do mixed who work with us. With all three looking into the case the recommendations were to see if pin fixation could stabilize the leg enough and let the fracture heal or amputation. The owner decided to try the pin fixation. The surgery was preformed in the evening and Shiloh stayed the night to recover. I was on shift that evening and fell in love with his sweet personality and his handsome face. He did great overnight and went home the next day on strict restrictions to activity.

About a week or two later on my next shift I received a call from my boss. He told me that the owner had called and was bringing Shiloh back in and that there was a weird bend in his leg. I was told to splint the leg and that he would be x-rayed again in the morning. When he came in he was very bright and extremely excited. I took note to the bend in his limb and noticed the swelling in his toes and the heat from them. While I waited to go in for my shift I asked the day shift (I was working evenings at the time) to let me know what was going on. I soon received a text message of the x-rays. Both pins had snapped and the original site was infected. They decided to amputate the limb. The surgery was performed during my shift and I was with him during recovery. His surgery went well and the incision looked great. He was on pain management most of the night and recovered well. He stayed with us most of the next day until his owner could take him home. He went home that evening on strict restrictions again of no activity.

He came in for a check up a week or so later. He looked happy and healthy and was adjusting well to his missing limb. The owner said she keeps a close eye on him and that he was doing well. That was the last time I really saw Shiloh after his surgery. That is until a couple of days ago.

My sister had received a call from the owners sister. She said that her sister had passed away suddenly and that she was having trouble finding Shiloh a home. She knew that many people at the clinic loved him and took great care of him, and was looking to see if anyone could take him or if we could find him a home. My sister called and told me. It took some time to think about as my sister already had a cat who was already pretty used to being by herself. But we untimely decided to take him in and make him apart of our family. And so begins the adventure.