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Shiloh Jackson

The Adventures of Shiloh

Shiloh Jackson

My First Post: The Story of Shiloh

December 2nd, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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This is my very first blog so bare with me. I’ve always loved animals. I became a veterinary technician for that very reason. I live in Lexington Kentucky but I am original from New York. And if any of you have ever been to Lexington or are from around here you know that it is a little city surrounded by thousands of horse farms. I work at an Equine hospital which has always been my dream. There is a little history about me. Here is the story about Shiloh….

Back in the beginning of June my sister was on the way to work (She works with me in the office) while I was on my day off. She texted me and told me she came across what looked like an accident in the road. She found out that people had stopped as there was a young dog on the side of the road. She said that among the people was a client of ours and that it looked that he was hit by a car. They decided to put the dog into their car and drive it over to the clinic. The dog was just about one years old. He is a white Shepard and Lab mix. The interns at the clinic took x-rays of his left front limb. He had a fracture to both his radius and his ulna. They then put a splint on his limb, gave some medication for the pain, and ran some fluids to reverse the shock he was going through. The then began reaching out on social media, the police and local shelters in case his owner was looking for him. A day later his owner was found and we learned that his name was Shiloh.

The owner came to see him and to talk to the veterinarians about what the best course of action would be. Now I know that I had said that I work at an equine hospital. My boss had done mixed practice in the past and we also have two other veterinarians that do mixed who work with us. With all three looking into the case the recommendations were to see if pin fixation could stabilize the leg enough and let the fracture heal or amputation. The owner decided to try the pin fixation. The surgery was preformed in the evening and Shiloh stayed the night to recover. I was on shift that evening and fell in love with his sweet personality and his handsome face. He did great overnight and went home the next day on strict restrictions to activity.

About a week or two later on my next shift I received a call from my boss. He told me that the owner had called and was bringing Shiloh back in and that there was a weird bend in his leg. I was told to splint the leg and that he would be x-rayed again in the morning. When he came in he was very bright and extremely excited. I took note to the bend in his limb and noticed the swelling in his toes and the heat from them. While I waited to go in for my shift I asked the day shift (I was working evenings at the time) to let me know what was going on. I soon received a text message of the x-rays. Both pins had snapped and the original site was infected. They decided to amputate the limb. The surgery was performed during my shift and I was with him during recovery. His surgery went well and the incision looked great. He was on pain management most of the night and recovered well. He stayed with us most of the next day until his owner could take him home. He went home that evening on strict restrictions again of no activity.

He came in for a check up a week or so later. He looked happy and healthy and was adjusting well to his missing limb. The owner said she keeps a close eye on him and that he was doing well. That was the last time I really saw Shiloh after his surgery. That is until a couple of days ago.

My sister had received a call from the owners sister. She said that her sister had passed away suddenly and that she was having trouble finding Shiloh a home. She knew that many people at the clinic loved him and took great care of him, and was looking to see if anyone could take him or if we could find him a home. My sister called and told me. It took some time to think about as my sister already had a cat who was already pretty used to being by herself. But we untimely decided to take him in and make him apart of our family. And so begins the adventure.


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  • paws120

    Welcome Shiloh and his pawrent! Shiloh is a very lucky pup several times over now! He is beautiful. So glad he has done so well with the surgery and his new home.

    • jaxlaf

      Thank you so much. We are still learning him and learning about each other. He is doing well and enjoys his bed and staying around his new people as much as possible.

  • jerry

    WOW what a story, I’m so glad I waited to read it until I had time to dive in. Shiloh is VERY lucky to find his way to you, there couldn’t be a better human to look after him. THANK YOU!!!!

    We can’t wait to follow along with your adventures! Love the photos too!

    • jaxlaf

      Thank you so very much! He is pretty photogenic when you can get him to focus. He has so much energy! I am so very lucky that he came into our lives. Want to give him the best home possible!

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