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Shiloh Jackson

The Adventures of Shiloh

Shiloh Jackson

New home and some big (maybe) exciting news!

June 21st, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello everyone!!!! Some major changes going on here!!!

Mommy, Daddy, and I moved into our own apartment! I do miss my Auntie/Mommy as well as Emilee, Lilo, and Stitch! The new place is nice. Though I do not have my balcony to sit on anymore there is a patio. Mommy is looking for a way to make a fence or something for me to be able to sit outside on my own when I want too.  I do like the new place. It is just a little lonely when no one is home. I do miss having Emilee has company. She and I spent some quality time together before the move. Before the move I got to meet my moms parents. They were awesome they brought me some toys that were used once before my my moms dog she had when she was growing up. I was very honored that they gave them to me. Mommy also got me a new and fluffy bed. After the move while daddy was at drill mommy took me to a event called Fido fest! And guess what it just so happened to be on my birthday! There were so many dogs and people it was awesome. I spent some time with my best friend Riley and got to cool down in a pool. I’m hoping mommy will buy me one sometime soon!! Went to moms job today to get a heartworm test to make sure I was good and clear. Which I was so mommy was able to get my prevention for me. I also got to go to the food store and get some new food. Riley also came over today while my mommy and his mommy got to catch up!

Me and Emilee spending time together!

I miss her!

Just hanging around!!

I cuddled up next to mommy after she had a rough few days at work!

I like my new bed!

Daddy tucked me in!!

Getting used to the new place! I need to make a new spot now.

Fido fest fun!!!

My bet friend Riley!!!!

Mommy got me a birthday cookie from the barkery!! (Not a miss spelling I promise!)

Riley came over today!


My new little brother!!!!

Mommy and daddy have been talking and decided to get me a new baby brother!!! This little boy his current name is Tuck mama says. Though they plan on giving him a different name. He came into mama’s job. He was hit by a car just like me. ( I think mama has a thing about helping those who are hurt like me.) At the current moment he will be staying there for a few weeks as he has a broken pelvis and a small fracture to his radius as well. I did get to meet him today. I was very shy, mostly because I thought mama was going to make me go into a cage which I don’t really like. But he is a cutie! I can’t wait to have him join our family!!

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • dougo1

    Such a BEAUTIFUL Sweet Dog.

    I wish you the best!

    • jaxlaf

      Thank you so much!!! Sorry for taking so long to reply. We had moved, the new little guy came home, and my boyfriend left for his annual training so working and managing my boys took a lot of my time.

  • jerry

    WOW! Oh my DOG Shiloh, you have such an exciting life! I have a feeling that you won’t be lonely much longer. Tuck looks like he belongs in your family. There’s nothing better than TWO Tripawds!

    Hoppy birthday cutie pie! Maybe your people will get you and Tuck a doggie pool for the patio, so you can play all summer long.


    • jaxlaf

      Thank you! Tuck- who we have now named Finn was lucky enough to keep his leg as it healed very nicely though he will probably have a limb for a while. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Been so very busy with moving, the new little one coming home and my boyfriend going to his training for a month. Working on getting that pool!

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